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Perhaps you’ve started to notice droppings around your kitchen, only to realize those aren’t chocolate
sprinkles. Or you’ve found a hole chewed through a cereal box, saw bite marks in your bread, or hear
scratching behind your oven. These and more are tell-tale indicators that you may need to call a rodent
control specialist.
New York City is a wonderful city, but one in which rodents are a perpetual nuisance and safety hazard.
Don’t put your health and family at risk. If you suspect that you may have a rodent problem, call us
today and let the Big Apple Pest Control rid you of your rodent problem quickly, efficiently, safely and
At Big Apple Pest Control, we’ve got Pest Control Down to a Science®
How do I know if I have a rodent problem?
Rodents such as mice and rats are largely nocturnal creatures, capable of hiding in the smallest of cracks
and crevices, making them difficult to spot. Below are a few indicators that you may need the help of
rodent control professionals.
Contact a rodent control expert if you notice any of these signs:
● Have you started noticing droppings? Mouse droppings are long and narrow, slightly larger than
coffee grounds, and often scattered across surfaces. Rat droppings can be longer—beyond a
● Can you hear running or scratching sounds at night? Mice and rats are nocturnal. You may not
notice them in the daytime, but if you hear scratching sounds (including sounds inside your
walls), you likely have a rodent problem.
● Are there new bite marks on your home or in your pantry? Unless you have pets with
destructive tendencies, these are an indication of rodent activity.

● Are your pets behaving unusually? If you happen to have a dog or a cat, they can likely sense
rodents in your house. Animals that try to reach under or behind appliances and furniture are
likely hunting your home invaders.
How can a mouse exterminator help?
Many NYC residents opt to spend time, money, and energy on DIY solutions before calling our rodent
control team. While mousetraps, poison, peppermint oil, and other techniques can trap a few mice here
or there, they’re ineffective against long-term infestations and do little to prevent reoccurrences.
An Big Apple Pest Control mouse exterminator is highly trained, experienced and knows how to quickly
identify the type of rodent. This information allows them to create a customized solution tailored to that
particular breed or species, ensuring an optimal outcome and quick eradication.
They’ll also examine your NYC residence for potential entry points, then seal any areas where rodents
could access your home. They’ll place traps and poison in areas known to successfully catch mice and
revisit your home until the infestation is gone.
Is it okay to ignore a rodent infestation?
Rodents aren’t just an annoyance, they can cause extensive damage to your home and spread infectious
diseases to pets and family. For example, these unwanted guests are notorious for destroying insulation
while making their nests, chewing through electrical wires (potential fire hazard), and eating you out of
house and home.
Call a mice exterminator as soon as you notice signs of rodents—for your safety and the safety of those
around you.
Need rodent control? Contact our NYC experts today.
At Big Apple Pest Control, we’ve spent decades years perfecting our extermination techniques, having
helped countless customers from NYC eradicate rodents, insects, and other pests from their home. Call
us to find out more about how our specialists can restore your peace-of-mind today!

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