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NYC Termite Treatment and Inspection

Out of all the pests and insects that can do damage to your home or business, termites, by far, are the most destructive. 

Termites have a reputation for being “silent destroyers” because they chew through both wallpaper and wood. Interestingly, they devour wood from the inside out, which can cause major structural damage that often goes unseen until there is noticeable, and often extreme, consequences. 

What makes matters worse is that most insurance companies do not cover termite damage, as a homeowner, it’s imperative to practice prevention.

If you suspect that your New York City home or residence may be under siege from termites, don’t wait, Big Apple Pest Control today at 718-717-8464. 

Our team can be on site fast, quickly diagnosing the issue through physical inspection, and helping you find cost-effective, reliable and safe termite treatment options that will send these pests packing.

Termite Inspection

As previously stated, termites do the most damage because they chew wood in homes and residences from the inside out. This makes it difficult for many homeowners to identify termite problems early on, resulting in extensive damages by the time the pests become apparent.

However, there are a number of telltale signs that may indicate a termite infestation. If you suspect that termites may be eating away at your home or office, call us today for a termite inspection to find out for sure.

Indications that Termites are Present:

  • Paint that appears to be peeling from water damage despite no water being present
  • Discoloration of your walls or drywall
  • Wood that is brittle or crumbling 
  • Piles of sawdust
  • Wood that sounds “hollow” when knocked 
  • Buckling floorboards 
  • Loos tile
  • Excessively or increasingly squeaky floorboards
  • Inoperable doors or windows
  • Maze-like patterns on walls, floorboards or furniture
  • Mounds of termite pellets resembling salt or pepper
  • Piles of wings (similar appearance to fish scales)
  • Mud-like tubes up the foundation of your building
  • Flying termite swarms in or outdoors

If any of the above sound familiar, do not waste time to call our professional termite treatment company today. Each passing day these invasive pests cause increasing damage to your home and structure. Let us send them packing with safe, effective and affordable termite treatments that will protect your building and let you sleep easy.

Termite Control

In order to control termites, you should clear away wood and other debris from the outside of the home because damp and damaged wood attracts termites. Wood, which is comprised of cellulose, is key to the termite’s diet. Termites also thrive in humid and wooded areas simply because these areas provide the insect with the perfect combination of water and cellulose that they nutritionally live off of. Therefore, it’s important to repair any and all damaged wood and/or rotten wood around the home and property. 

Some quick and easy tips for termite prevention and control include: 

  • Store firewood and other debris more than 20 feet away from the outside of the home.
  • Quickly repair or replace all wood that is rotten.
  • Clear away any standing water and repair all leaky faucets that can and will contribute to moisture and wood rot. 

Since termites are considered social insects, you can be sure that once you see one, more are nearby. If you have seen any of the signs listed above, be sure to contact a termite pest control company right away. 

New York City Termite Treatment

Termites are one of the most evasive pests, often living beneath and within the surface of your home’s structures, making them hard to detect before major damage occurs. 

No matter if you’re structure is under attack from burrowing drywood termites or subterranean termites, our team can quickly assess the situation, eradicate the problem and prevent further damage to your home or business.

The first step is to call us for a full inspection. Our team will use the latest and most effective methods and technology to rid your premises of termites once and for all.

Call today and find out why so many New York residents trust us for all of their pest solutions.

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